Michael Phipps is a mixed media fine artist and illustrator living and working in Utah. As a kid he was fortunate enough to have creative friends, and together they drew lots of creatures and robots, made marble shoots, lego creations, and all sorts of things out of cardboard and other materials. He’s always loved art and creating, so it wasn’t a matter of deciding to be an artist, it was always a matter of wanting to continue to be an artist.
Michael received his degree in Illustration from The University of Utah. Upon graduating, Michael continued to hone his craft creating fantastical and surreal scenes with a touch of whimsy.  He has built a strong following over the years as he physically draws or paints each stroke with an illuminated manuscript-like attention to each tiny area of a piece - a huge contrast to the digital shorthand so prevalent in today’s art market. Viewers can come close and find seemingly endless detail within the broader image- each stroke is unique. He has murals in Los Angeles, New York State, Mexico City and New Zealand and has been featured in publications such as The Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Spectrum Fantasy Art, and Lürzer's Archive "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide".

Michael has created book covers and interiors for authors such as James Dashner and Dan Wells, album covers for a number of unusual, amazing and creative bands, illustrations for a variety of publications and institutions, and myriad other projects.
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